Uper is not Uber, it offers much more:

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If you want to earn cash, provide any service, no boss, no middle man, anytime, anywhere, Uper Bid Pro(vider) or Uper Bid Partner App is for you.

If you want to get any service at your own price, anytime, anywhere, Uper Bid Client App is for You.

If you want to buy and sell stuff like eBay or Craigslist, Uper Bid Client App is for You.

UperBid is first platform (patent pending US 62355441)  that can support any location based on demand services at the same time.

It comes with Uper Bid Client App - Besides Similar to Uber Passenger App but for any service at own price,  Uper Bid Client is also a mobile global marketplace for buyer and seller similar to Craigslist and eBay but with distinct features such as social following and in-app chat etc.


and Uper Bid Provider or Uper Bid Partner App - Similar to Uber Driver App but provider can signup for multiple services and be own boss without middle man fee)

任何人, 任何服务,任何价格,任何付费方式。"优比" 是 第一个 专利申请的 (US 62355441) 可同时提供 各种 以位置为基础的 点播式服务平台客户端;服务者可申请一或多种服务。根据自己时间去服务,可以免除中间人剥削;顾客可以选择各种附近服务,开出自己的价码;真正实现了,公平自主方便的交易。


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The perfect choice for enjoying or providing service

Provider: it is your hard work, why let middle man rip you off.

Client: it is your hard earned cash, why not have more bang for your buck.

For any service: there are 15 main services in English and Chinese respectively you can serve (1 or more) or enjoy: driver, delivery, cook, tutor, plumber, electrician, road side car helper, earning money by installing and reviewing mobile apps...

For anyone: as long as you have cell phone to run our client or provider app, valid phone # and email, you can provide or enjoy service.

At anywhere: no city no country boundary, as long as there are providers within 500 miles.

At any price: client can set any total price and provider can negotiate back.

UperBid will enable user to provide any service at own choice and get any service at own price. Credit card is not required. Both cash and credit card are accepted to get any nearby service.

Uper client App offers more than services, it is also a mobile global marketplace for buyer and seller similar to Craigslist and eBay but with distinct features:

Seller rating and Product rating will help to build trust and reputation.
Instagram style user following feature makes shopping personal.
In-app chat feature breaks negation barrier.
Posting is easy and fast in one screen.
Smart search display on title and description.

To enjoy or provide any service, negotiable, no middle man.

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Common Questions



Adjust Current Location

When client app sends service request to provider, it will send both current location address as well as destination address.

To save battery, the client app may not always track and update current location. So before create order, you can click on the location icon in Google map  

to update current location detected by your cell phone. You can also press on map and move to a fake "current" location. The top address bar will update the address accordingly.

Why I Need Input Destination Address

Since this app can be used for any service, in some cases, provider would like to know where is the job target address. Client app will send calling location as well. You and provider can always call each other to make it clear where to meet next after service deal is accepted by both parties.

Referral Code

Referral code is a unique string that can further reduce your friend's final bid price and It will show further reduced amount in the final invoice when service is done.

It also gives your referral bonus each time your friend uses it. You can check the bonus amount from referral menu in client app. The bonus can further reduce your own future services' final bid prices. We will decide the referral value to your friend and bonus amount to you later, at this time, they are zero values.

Promo Code

Promo code is a unique string that you can use to further reduce your final bid price. It will show further reduced amount in the final invoice when service is done.

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Use Common Sense

Uper providers and customers are not employees nor contractors of WeWe LLC. Uper app user should exercise all due diligence and caution to make sure other party is safe and suitable to work with. Please read our term and service for detail.

Please Allow Location Tracking

Uper provider is similar to Uber driver but without any attachment to WeWe LLC  which is Uper Bid platform's developer and operator. Uper Bid Apps use location service to track both where providers and clients are, so please allow location service for Uper Bid Apps during installation.

Please Allow Notification

Uper Bid admin will send notification to provider about account approval and new request. Provide will notify the customer about job status etc, so please allow notification service for Uper Bid Apps during installation.

Please Allow Access to Camera and Photo Gallery for Customer

Uper client app user can upload optional image when sending service request, so please allow it for Uper Bid Client App during installation.

Credit Card

As Uper Bid Client, if you add credit card for later use, your card info will be directly passed over to Stripe.com (used by more than 100,000+ businesses) via SSL and encrypted with AES-256 on their server, we will not save any info from your card.


How does it work


Social logins like Facebook and Google plus (Android App only) can be used via this app

Customer can login right after signup.

Provider can select one or more services he or she would like to serve when signup (cannot update later).

Buy and Sell

Click top right corner Tree icon and go from there. 


Customer: create order (select service, provide destination, detail, picture, quantity and desired total price), order now (select payment method, select provider, send request).

Provider: has 2 min to see request detail, decide to accept or reject request, or negotiate one time with new price.

After connected, both can call other party, it is also possible to cancel the service.

Provider Go Online and Offline

As provider, Go-Online means you can now take service request.

Provider app will show 2 navigation icons lead to calling and destination address after both sides accept the service deal.

Depend on service type, provider may need use both addresses or just one or even none, it is good to call customer if you are not clear.

Review and Rate

After Service Completion, both provider and customer can review and rate other party.


Who We Are.

Uper Bid on demand service platform is one of products developed and operated by WeWe LLC, a USA company located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.

San Jose:

12 South First St, Suite 419, San Jose, California 95113, USA


102 Persian Dr, Sunnyvale, California 94089, USA

Many Services in Uper Bid Apps 


Uperbid platform provides 16 main services in English (有中文服务名称翻译), you can enjoy or serve.

Provider: when signup, please select one or more service type you want to serve, no change later.

Customer: each time you create service order, please select only one service that best fits for your need.


Baby Sitter(保姆)
Errands Runner(跑腿)
Senior Care(照顾老人)
Tour Guide(导游)

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Welcome to WeWe LLC, our mission is to let everyone contribute to the well being of the society by providing the service(s) at own choice, at the same time, enjoying the services at own price.